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 Georges Manzana Pissarro 

Arabian Nights

8 December 2014 to 7 January 2015


This exhibition presents the Orientalist style works of Georges Manzana Pissarro. Until just after his father's death, Manzana painted with the Impressionnists and produced work of extraordinary quality. However, like his brothers he wanted to find his own pictorial language. Embarking into a more decorative manner of painting influenced by the Art Deco movment, these shimmering works were the culmination of the artist's quest to find his own style and display his highly original technique and subject matter. In 1914 Manzana was honoured with a show at the museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. 'The Arabian Nights' known also as 'A Thousand and One Nights', fascinated Manzana and became the focus for his work for over 10 years.
This unique exhibition celebrates the originality and beauty of these works.

Please see our online catalogue for further details.


 BRAFA Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair

24 January to 1 February


The Gallery is proud to participate in the upcoming BRAFA -
Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair, a premier destination for art collectors and connoisseurs.
From Saturday 24 January to Sunday 1 February 2015, the Gallery will present a selection of important works from our permanent collection. BRAFA is an eclectic fair which encompasses a variety of specialities from antiquity to the 21st century. It is renowned for the emphasis it places on showing works of only the highest quality and authenticity.
Please visit www.brafa.be for further details.